Calculate Available Cash

Your Available Cash is the maximum amount you have to spend on a vehicle. This calculator enables you to determine 1) the amount of cash a vehicle loan will yield and 2) the total Available Cash from all sources, including the loan, you have to purchase a vehicle.

If the estimated amount of Available Cash is too little for the vehicle you would like to purchase, you have several options: A higher monthly payment and/or a longer loan term will typically yield higher initial Loan Cash, thus increasing your Available Cash. You may also wish to consider different vehicles that better fit your budget.

Available Cash Calculator

Trade-in value
Amount you owe on your trade-in
Down payment
Monthly loan payment you can afford
Loan term (in months)
Interest rate

Loan Cash

Available Cash

This calculator is solely for informational purposes. It gives you reasonably accurate estimate of your Available Cash. Results for your actual loan will vary based on your final rate and loan amount.